Wednesday, January 04, 2006

el tigre

i met gurn while vacationing in les allues, which is a stones throw from meribel. from his cutting bon mots (and his clever ability to parry mine), to the general thrust of his disposition, i thought he must be handy with an epee. and handy he was!

one evening back at the chalet, we were enjoying a vintage bottle of vicomte demoulliac and a supper of various wild game when a band of ruffians assailed us at our table with crude epithets and smallish bits of fruit. gurn, as it turns out, was more roguish than i had originally esteemed! he pulled his blade deftly from its scabbard and sliced the buttons from our rivals bodice, leaving his pasty white abdomen crudely exposed! the fiend's wicked consorts fled hastily as he gathered his fallen garments and scampered off behind them, crying in french.

so it is utmost confidence that i say, if you are ever stranded in the french alps with a band of drunken swarthy brutes challenging you to a fencing duel, gurn is just the man you want at your side. a perfect combination of power, agility and cunning- he has truly earned his title, le tigre.


the four-in-hand

with all due respect to the windsor and its international popularity (which i believe, respectfully, has reached its apex), i humbly offer the four-in-hand as the superior style of necktie knot for the discrete man. if you know anything about me, you know that i am a man of extreme discretion and i feel this is wonderfully reflected in the narrow modesty of the four-in-hand. i feel its tendency to lean toward the asymmetric perfectly embodies a spirit of individuality that can only embolden even the most comliant style-sycophant.

at your club's next regatta or fish and goose soiree, consider giving the the four-in-hand a trial run. pair a colorful tie with a crisp cotton oxford and a 2 button military pocket jacket and you'll find the quiet confidence of the four-in-hand a winning compliment!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

huey lewis

If there is anything you should know about me, it is that i am a man of whim and fancy. in the chinese calendar, i was born in the year of the monkey, which speaks to my love of the capricious. it also explains my intense desire to entertain with generosity.

that said, lately, i cannot imagine anything more appealing than settling down into the helm of my 2003 hunter h-306 (or "heart-n-soul"), a bottle of veuve icing gently beside me, and setting sail into the hudson river, destination: unknown. Asea upon the familiar blue-green of the mighty atlantic, i hurry down below to the boat's entertainment center. I've recently installed a blaupunkt system with a sirius satelite tuner and three overDrive OD7500's, providing over 1500 watts of amplification. to say that this system keeps the boat "a'rockin" would be a gross underestimation as i've had to re-structure a good deal of the cabin, reinforcing it with additional anchorage so the cherry itself doesn't shake lose from its housing.

i've already received several gentle complaints from other slip leasers over the volume of my tuneage, but those gripes are soon forgotten when i invite the complaintant down stairs for a taste of bubbly and a quick listen to something from my collection. typically, i find huey lewis & the news to be just the choice to rock their savage breast into gleeful compliance. if they don't snap out of their funk after first the minute of "the heart of rock & roll" (the 1st cut off the preeminent album "sports"), well, i wonder if they are just completely beyond rescue. suffice it to say, i've yet to encounter the individual who walks away unabated, without a fresh spring in their top-siders.

why sports? aside from my clearly naming the vessel after the album's 2nd cut, i think we should start with an analysis of the album's cover art. we see lewis in the foreground of what appears to be a casual neighborhood watering hole. as a matter of fact, every bit of the photo suggests casualty; lewis' easy smile, his loosened necktie, the way he drapes his blazer over his shoulder as he postures himself before the pool table seeming to say "hey, i'm certainly comfortable with my pool playing, but not so much that i might stand in a mocking manner, and moreso than if i was a lesser talent affecting a more threatening air".

Huey's chums lounge about the bar in the backround in various styles of dress, some in t-shirts, some in satin baseball jackets, as if recently released from a heated athletic activity of some sort or another. it should be noted that in the 1980s, dungarees were entirely appropriate articles of athletic apparel. if i remember correctly, nolan ryan pitched his 5th no- hitter (1981) in a pair of well worn wranglers.

it is this very image of cool comfort that i feel i imbibe when i luxuriate in the in the serenity of my sweet lady, heart-n-soul.